Arm v painful after lifting in the gym 6 weeks on.


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8 Mar 2010
Good stuff mate, I meant to ask a while ago but I wasn’t sure where exactly you were talking about, but that diagram pinpointed it for me, and brought back the memories.
I’d still be wary though as I still get the odd little twinge some years on, one thing to remember though looking at the initial cause and you upping the weight, connective tissue takes longer to grow and strengthen than muscle does, so whilst your muscle is ready to handle the extra weight, the ligaments and tendons etc aren’t quite there yet, so just ease into it more next time, when upping the weight never really push it, give it a couple of weeks for it to catch up and get used to it.
All the best with it mate.
I'm not doing any lifting bar (get it?) those exercised with a 1-2kg dumbbell.

The only other gym stuff I'm doing art the moment it pilates and Yoga (the latter does use arm strength though).
It's definitely on the mend so hopefully means surgery isn't required.
Couple more months recovery seems about right and great point about the connective tissues.

Thanks pal.

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