Arsenal 4-3 City 21/08/2017

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  1. caseball


    31 Jul 2016
    Jack Wilshire getting hard with a youth team player because he knocked him over. He just nudged him a bit late. Matt must have ruptured his anterior cruciate dignity.

    How Arsenal of him. And then the I'll see you outside bit as he walked off. And he meant it. He went off in the tunnel in a shitty no-mark game. And Arsenal didn't control him.

    Arsenal. LOL. Toy bastards.
  2. Alber Fenoll Espejo

    Alber Fenoll Espejo

    2 Mar 2017
    Brahim Diaz vs Arsenal

  3. Clubber


    19 Jan 2009
    Under your bed, playing Monopoly with the Bogeyman
    I'd be relatively happy if true. I don't like seeing any player get injured, so there are lines that shouldn't be crossed, but if they know a player has a short fuse and can get him to react, then use it. We've had it done to us for a while in the first team (With the likes of Balotelli), so why shouldn't we use it.

    We are sometimes a little too nice, not crowding the ref, or using the "dark arts". For me, Matt Smith has used his head (Hopefully anyway) and saw a way of getting one of the other sides better players to do something daft to the benefit him/his team.

    I like the fact Wilson also supported his team mate (Show good team spirit), shame he got carried away and levelled the numbers up .

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