Aston Villa Thread - 2021/22


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15 Nov 2008
It was evident at Wembley. The first run with the ball he made, he was fouled but the ref couldn't wait to wave 'no foul'. Before signing for us, it would have been called foul 100 times out of a 100.
Sure I heard the coms saying he was running with the ball looking to be fouled ,,,,or something like that, so it has started,we will see more of this during the season I have little doubt


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16 Apr 2010
As soon as they signed Buendia I knew Grealish was ours. Yet their fans continually insisted there was no connection. Now Purslow has confirmed what we knew all along.
When Spurs sign a forward ‘to support Harry’ we can get the welcome mat out for Kane
Spurs fan at work reckons they're in for Lautaro Martinez.


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6 Oct 2018
Have you heard these idiots banging on about how shit our fans are and how all of a sudden Grealish is shit?
These plastic twats had to close stands when they got relegated into the championship, come to think about it - have they even sold a premiership game out at Villa Park since they were promoted?
They keep forgetting, while they were shite, all they were arsed about was not losing to the might of their deadliest rivals Birmingham City.
Imagine if Birmingham were winning the premier league every year since 1992 and won the treble - these fair-weather pricks would be off supporting Dudley Town Fc quicker than you could say Peaky Blinders.
Of course there calling us Citeh - that’s rich when they sound like mongs who’ve had a stroke while trying string a sentence together.
They still havent thanked us for Lescott or Richards either :-)
And Dunny and Frank Carradus back in the day. They are probably still pissed that we transferred the mighty Scott Sinclair to them.

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3 Jun 2009
We have 15000 on the season ticket waiting list at Villa , we leave 12000 seats for match day fans not bad for a mid table team?
Unfortunately it's very unlikely those 15,000 would take the option for a season ticket if somehow all those extra seats were available, unless of course there was a huge change in your present fortunes. I don't know why rival fans get obsessed with attendances, trophies won, number of social media followers, being Scouse socialist European royalty, club finances, ffp, and are convinced a period of around thirty years when most of the red top clubs trophies were won with less competition than City have today constitutes football history. We would all be a lot happier if everyone just went back to just watching their team and actually enjoying themselves.


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6 Jan 2008
Not heard the “waiting list” brag for a while!
True story, a "Big Rag" who used to work for me was always banging on about how he couldn't get a ticket for PL matches, that there was a ballot for every game etc.

He was due an appraisal, as he was doing a good job I asked him if he wanted a Utd ticket as an incentive. Expecting him to say yes I already bought him a ticket in advance, when I offered he said "I'd rather have money"

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15 Jan 2017
On a different note, i see that Villa have a away ticket ballot which is interesting - this is maybe why there away support is very good. I wonder if this is for the full 3,000 allocation?

I would love City to give a % of away tickets to a Ballot!

Villa fans having the chance to go Arsenal away (for example) for the 1st time, your going to be excited, on the piss at 7am, sing your heart out and enjoy every single minute

On the flipside at City, you’ve got that many points it’s obvious you’ve been Arsenal about 20 times and it’s same old same old, what i’m trying to say is it would be nice to inject some excitement into our away support like they do.

Chuck in the Tunnel Club and their allocation to dilute the atmosphere

Ps this is not a dig at our supporters who have done the miles and earned the points…
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