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Central and South Manchester maybe. I’d guess half the population don’t know the routes of the 135, 8 and X41/X43 which go north. And I never knew McVities even had/have a factory in Manchester.
Fair enough. I’ve always thought that the 192 bus is pretty well known, especially when coming into Manchester. I work in town and it’s the main bus you will likely see, but fair enough.

I guess you could also say with foden as the main character, it makes sense with him coming from Stockport/ down that main road towards the etihad.

Your one of the only match going city fans not from that way ;)
I only attended 2 CL games recently (under my own name, and not using tickets from people who couldn't make it), and the tickets were sold out before that. The starting criteria was 5 CL games. Makes me wonder how the hell did so many Madrid fans manage to get their tickets in the home end.
The implication is that the RM fans got them from City fans with a purchase history, in which case some bans will be forthcoming if they were reported, or the tickets went to a third party sales channel.
The 192 bus route really is one of a kind. But, for Maine Road, I think I’d have caught the 197 that went down Plymouth Grove and walked it from Rusholme.
Where were all these new fans at York and Macclesfield, and don't give me all this "I wasn't even born" bollocks

Seriously I know the prices were high for the Madrid game, but they were reasonable for the Group Matches so anyone in the cup scheme would have paid a reasonable average price of around £30-£35.

This week saw the 13th anniversary of the Yaya Semi Final, so that's roughly the same time frame as the gap between my first proper football memory (1970 League Cup Final) and my first footballing trauma (Raddy Antic)

I respect all those people who dislike the CL, but City have now been successful for longer than the entire period of mid 1990s dress, and our average attendance has doubled

I'll be 60 in August and I recognise the sad reality that my demographic is being marginalised and will soon be irrelevant

However the new generation of City fans are more optimistic and might soon outnumber their raggish rivals.
To be fair, as far as excuses go that’s a pretty good one.

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