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I’m not sticking up for him.
Just because he wasn’t doing the Poznan doesn’t mean he isn’t supporting the team.
That was one moment during the match when the camera focused on him.
For all we know he could have been joining in the singing throughout the match.
It’s a shame he didn’t start an Oasis classic off that we all could have joined in with.
Sorry, but I’m honestly not getting the faux outrage and backlash against him because he decided not to join in with the Poznan. Maybe he was looking at it and soaking the moment up instead and enjoying the Poznan that way?
I doubt very much he thought I’m a rock star and I’m too cool to do the Poznan, which some City fans are claiming was the reason why he didn’t join in with the Poznan.
Just to comment on Noel, I was in 119(ish) for the Everton LC semi a few years ago as the usual move from SS3 for a cup game was in play.

The guy next to me was vocally one of the loudest & consistent noises I've heard since we left Maine Rd.

When we ended up doing the Poznan he just stood still, I asked him why he wasn't turning round & bouncing, said his back was fucked and he'd be in bed a week doing it.

Nobody know why Noel didn't join in but, the reasons could be infinite.
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