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25 Jul 2009
Still at Maine Road in my mind.
Bottomless_Sailor said:
Midfield's answer to Mario Balotelli? No thanks.

Everyone remembers that game he played...

That match wasn't the best advert for his quality, I'll give you that. But Magnum Nomen, as the supporters of several of his previous clubs nicknamed him, still has quite a bit of potential to realise and is by all accounts ready to become one of the premier players in world football.

Does he have a bit of an erratic personality? Yes.

Have managers had trouble in the past determining his best position? Absolutely.

But should this stop us from signing the next best thing? I don't think so.

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9 Mar 2007
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No6 said:
blue_sonic176 said:
SebastianBlue said:
We're linked with him in nearly every paper these days and I wanted to get everyone's thoughts? The transfer fee has been quoted at anywhere from 20 million to 100 million (depending on the source). He's certainly played for many of the top clubs in the world and fellow supporters are saying he could be the perfect replacement for Yaya, if he should go. I am worried about his ego, though, as I am not sure we should replace one potentially histrionic player with another. Scouting reports do state that he has significant pace, great agility, exceptional passing range, superior positional awareness, impressive tactical nous, excellent tackling skills, and an eye for goal.

What are your thoughts? Is he worth all the fuss? Or are we best served sticking with our current players?

Sounds like a very big player...the biggest player in the world. Has a big name too! Sign him up!!! First make sure he tracks back!

Can't see him performing on a wet afternoon in Stoke though.

Yeah, one of these days we'll land a player that can play in Stoke, or in the pissing rain in Hull. Oh, wait a mo, didn't Merlin put in a bit of a game last season on the Humber?

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