Bad news Hughes out campers (including me)

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by C_T_I_D, 16 Dec 2008.

  1. Cheltblue


    2 Nov 2008
    On the Leyline
    Well the reality is he will probably still be here for Jan 1st and while i have crossed the divide to be one of the 'Hughes out' brigade in recent weeks, i am now prepared to get behind him for the 3 games leading up to then. I would expect a minimum of 6 points from the 3 games and that has to start with a win against the baggies this week.

    As for 'losing the dressing room', that might be a bit harsh, but you cant honestly say that the players are giving it their all for Hughes right now. Confidence looks shattered throught the team, and Robinho talking to the press about the 'City losing mentality' might have been better viewed if he had spoke to Hughes directly about it, and that to me, shows a a little lack of respect for his manager.

    But f*ck it, here goes for 3 games...........Cmon City, Cmon Hughesy Give us 9/9 and il give you all the time you need. (well end of season anyway)
  2. DontLookBackInAnger


    2 May 2008
    They are simply words, if our form goes on as it is now into the new year, he will be gone, indeed he might even jump before he is pushed.

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