Best Goal you have ever seen


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9 Aug 2009
Ones that stand out:
Zidane CL final volley
Bergkamps v Argentina
Owen v Argentina
Gascoigne v Scotland
Sergio v QPR (and the ludicrous wide finish against Liverpool)

I remember Michael Johnson's lovely goal after a one-two with Elano I think, when City started the season under Sven in such great form. Lovely curled finish. Not sure who it was against now. Want to say Derby?!

Dave Ewing's Back 'eader

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9 Mar 2007
Upwind of the Mangrove Swamp
Marco Van Baston for the Dutch European championships, exquisite volley 1988.

I was just thinking of that as I scrolled up the page and there you are! I was talking to a Feyenoord fan last week in a sleepy place called Leek (Netherlands, and it's pronounce Lake, as in Paul of our parish!) and mentioned that goal - he was only a young lad and I think he had never seen it!

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