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Cotton Weave Blue

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15 Sep 2016
Big night for us. Hopefully we can take the next step. Looking at the 2 games last night though prepare for a rollercoaster of emotion!!


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23 Feb 2013
for me the city players its time to stand up and be counted in europe. the truth is and no disrespect to dortmund and their players. but winning the champions league is another couple of levels above them this season

this is what manchester city have to learn that when you face a team home or away in europe. if they are not seen as possible winners you have to hurt them and show them who's boss ? respect them yes. but when you cross the line you have to hurt them and make them feel 2nd best

what i have seen over the last 5 seasons and in the home leg we shown them far to much respect and in a way fear them ? yes they have good players but so do we let them fear us. i know what city biggest problem is and what other champions league winners have (match winners) we only have one in KDB but you need 3 or 4 for different type of teams you have to face in europe

but the main problem for city and pep is champions league winners have match winning strikers that score that goal in tight games. somebody you can count on not fluffing the chance when it comes to you. would you put your house or lifesaving on sterling or jesus scoring that golden chances when it comes ? that's what is needed in the champions league

looking back we could never keep aguero fit enough for them big champions league nights. because the premier league season and cups would take its toll. aguero was always carrying injuries when the knockouts started and was done for the season

if there was one player you could have to score that goal it would be a fully fit aguero. but he has had to carry city on his own for many years. this was a puzzle when we signed pep that he did not get another world class striker in

any way enough of my rants

good luck tomorrow lads and if you give us your best and 100% nobody can question you
win or lose and go home just give it your best and if its not good enough then ok we go again next season
Aguero and silva are our legends but in fact it is because of them we haven't won Cl till this date. Being our most important players for years they have to take the blame. Silva so many times used to frustrate me by passing the ball even when he had a better opportunity shooting. Yes they get credit for winning the league.
I completely agree that our CL nighmares is because we were not clinical enough to finish that one big chance that really mattered.
sadly the problem still persist in our team. May be de bruyne should step up scorong goals not just making them.


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9 Aug 2009
I know the team i'd like to see but i suspect Pep will offer his usual surprises.

Its gonna be a long day....!

Already a bag of nerves. Luckily got a tough day at work which will stop me sweating on this all day.

I think most of us saw the lineup for the Lyon game and knew what was going to happen. We still should have won that game but it felt from the moment I saw our lineup/formation that we were going out.

Dortmund were very good last week. Much better than I thought they would be. The only way to play this is our strongest 11 in the usual formation and to go and get goals. If we defend for 90minutes they'll score so let's go to win the game. They need a goal to progress. We need a goal to relax a bit. Should be a cracker!

Hopefully we are 3 up after 15 minutes so I can relax a bit ( I still wont).


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1 Sep 2009
Not according to the BT commentators, they continually slagged Sane in both games.
same commentary team for both games, and the quality was absolutely abysmal - no understanding / insight completely missing stuff, really irritating voices and not an ounce of humour- really took the edge off 2 great matches for me.


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12 Dec 2011
Just woke up after dreaming about the game.

kev takes a shot which the keeper parries behind his own line, var gives the goal but ref overrules and gives a pen instead, which kev misses.

kev then misses another easy chance, scuffing the ball wide.

eventually the pressure pays off and I manage to scramble the ball over the line towards the end of the first half.

then i woke up.

I really don’t remember the last time i was this nervous about a game.

Blue Maverick

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6 Aug 2010
I think Pep will have seen a lot in the last game and adjust accordingly an early goal to settle everyone nerves would be great, let’s just pray we have our shooting boots on tonight
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