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All the pre-match garbage will be about Brentford doing the double over us last season , the home game was a smash and grab and we rested eight players for the return game with the league won and two big cup finals on the horizon , but no doubt Sky and the other shitheads in the media will fail to refer to these facts.
Brentford have been playing shite and a hard working ,average striker returning from a ban is not going to turn around their fortunes tomorrow night , also the Dipper result will invigorate our team to make a statement , we will tear Brentford apart and then move on to Everton and give them some of the same.
Then the media will realise the Klippety victorious fairwell tour will not be as straightforward as they hoped for.
Wonder if there has ever been a situation where a club has two games in hand and they are both against the same club?
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