Brentford (A) - Mon 5th Feb, 20:00 | PL | Pre-Match Thread

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Akanji Dias Ake Gvaridol
Rodri Bernardo
Bobb Foden Grealish
I think this may be a good game for Oscar Bobb to come on as a sub. He's good in tight spaces and against low blocks such as Brentford who play with a back five.
How many times will the referee fall for Tony backing into our defenders and then diving to get a free kick! Who's the referee? Bet it's someone new
Big result tonight and rearly put it on them scouse fuckers toes,we play 6 times by time we play utd on 3rd of march all winable games,liverpool play 3 times by 2nd march
Win them games and i think were on home straight
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