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Is it on TV please?

Oh and John Stones had better be in the side because we are better with his reassuring presence. That’s not just my (allegedly biased) opinion. A couple of people I’ve spoken to feel the same. :-)
No it’s not on TV
Haaland hat trick upcoming.

I think this will be the game we convert our chances. That keeper can’t play as well again as he did at their place.
Wonder why its not 8PM kick off if not on telly ?. Struggle to get to 7:30s with getting home from work and the shite traffic but will be there.
Something to do with not clashing with champions league kick off times I believe
Long shot I know but I left an Asda carrier bag by my seat at the Chelsea game (Block 302 Row X Seat 56). It had a pair of new black leather gloves my wife brought me from Finland. Did anybody pick it up? Will be at the Brentford game to collect if so.

many thanks
I want a game where are are 3-0 up HT already and then add another quick 2 goals until 60th min and then bring 5 subs.

instead of that Brentford will score first fro their only shot, 0-1 HT, we finally score 68th minute, throw on first sub in 82nd and hopefully score a winner past Flekken the worst shot stopper in the league who is having game of his life again.
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