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Doku is getting a lot of shit this weekend despite being our best attacking player on Saturday. It should be Haaland/Alavarez/De Bruyne and Foden getting it, none of whom played well.
Dok didn't create much from his possession but neither did Kevin from 12 identical corners and a host of free kicks !!

I'd like to see him play simple (agricultural) football.

Use his pace, hit the line, hard low crosses and cut backs....Vikingo would love it.

We can be more technical from the right hand side to creat other options.

Vikingo is NOT a technical player. His first touch ain't the best and his press is quite weak.

Get the ball in fast and early and we'll see the best of both of them.

KDB off bench if required. Ortega may be to keep up match sharpness. Walker and Akanji need to up their game so a rest may help.
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