Bundesliga Thread - 2021/22

Scaring Europe to Death

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31 Oct 2014
That is the one. Nothing to enjoy about it at the moment or for the last decade. It's looking really grim right now.
I bumped into some Alemannia Aachen fans at Euro 2004. One of them kept saying "We're the German Millwall" which from memory was a reference to them qualifying for Europe after losing the German FA Cup final.

As an Englishman, who's watched City at the Den/New Den on three occasions I can state quite categorically that you're nothing like Millwall.


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27 Aug 2011
Does somebody of you remember this guy? Dino Toppmöller?

Ist assistant coach of Nagelsmann since 2 years (after he has been coach of Düdelingen) - did not have a big player career.

It is not just Demichelis who is coach of Bayern's U23 and Sane who have a City history.

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