Caceido to start

Yea, I'll admit I wrote him off last season 2. I was wrong 2 do so. He never really had the starts, only on the bench really. I say start him and Jo (who can only succeed in a 4-4-2).
Why not start Jo AND Caicedo against Hull at home??

Then have a midfield of:


Just a question but has Caicedo actually played a full 90 minute game for us yet?
Yeah 2 goals in 2 games he deserves a full 90 minutes. I'd love to see Jo given a run in the team too but I can't see him playing for City again somehow.
No, but deserves to be on the bench. Jo has to be first choice ahead of the inept Benjani. Then if its not working out for Jo bring Caicedo on. I'm still to be convinced that he's of premier league standard, hopefully he'll turn out to be another Ofe Martins.
I think he deserves a chance. As long as he gets to play in the centre and not on the wing as Hughes has played him in the past. With his strength and power I think he'd be a handful for their defence.
I agree about Jo he must have something if Brazil play him, he needs to be told he is playing for the next 10 games to get his confidence up but I think Hughes has no faith in him and he will be shipped out in Jan unfortunately without having been given a chance at City.
Big Phil has done really well last couple of weeks, and im sure his confidence will be high. However I wouldnt start him just yet as i feel if he has a poor game his growing confidence could be knocked back to where it was 12 months ago. Let the lad come on again with about 20 minutes to go. That way, he has nothing to lose. If he scores again..hes a hero, and confidence levels go up another notch. If he does nothing for 20 problem, he didnt have long enough to prove himself, and his confidence remains high for next week!
when someone is in goal scoring form they just have to play. our problems stem from missing petrov but we still have to score to win. Caicedo is big , he can knock the defenders about and this might let robbie and sweep in.
It makes sense but when did a football manager have any sense?

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