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  1. RichardDunneOwnGoal


    5 Jun 2015
    Wasn't sure about posting this, but thought I'd share it anyway, mainly just to get it out of my head.

    The short and top of it is that my dear old mum has an appointment at Wythenshawe for an ultrasound scan after the weekend to examine some suspicious problems with passing blood in her urine, among some other physical symptoms.

    I found out she'd been having this problem for a while, more than a year, possibly two, and had visited the GP and seen several different doctors about it.

    She's had several tests simply to detect if there was blood in her urine, and they were positive. Each time she's been prescribed antibiotics for what was presumed to be a UTI.

    I'm not sure how much is my mum being economical with the truth for my benefit, but she's said that her symptoms usually clear up while taking the medication. The fatigue goes etc.

    But they keep recurring. And every time she's been to the GP, they've just done a simple test to detect blood in the urine, and given her more antibiotics. There's been no further examination.

    Only until recently, a sample was examined in a lab and it came back that there was no infection - apparently ruling out a UTI.

    She visited the GP about an unrelated issue the other day, and was presented with this information by chance, no letter received about the results prior to this, nothing. The doctor she saw that day had looked at her notes and apparently his ears pricked up about this particular issue. Her gave her a quick once over, and told her she'd be referred for further examination, and today she received an unexpected phone call, presenting her with an appointment just after the weekend.

    The immediacy has freaked her out a bit, and myself also.

    The implication is that this could be very serious.

    There might not be much to it however, of course.

    But knowing all this, I've spent the entire evening reading about her symptoms online, there are a few things it could be, but not all of them ring true on the basis of what I know to be her symptoms. The single thing that ticks almost every box, and everything seems to be pointing towards, is bladder cancer.

    She has all but one symptom on a checklist IIRC, even one as specific as lower back pain on one side.

    All I've been able to think about all day is that I could lose my mum.

    I've been reading the pathology of bladder cancer, how it develops, how it's treated, what your chances are of a full recovery. The best case scenarios of a positive diagnosis and the worst.

    I think I'm just preparing myself for the worst, but hoping for the best.

    But I keep getting this nagging feeling that if it is cancer, then there's a very real chance it could've been overlooked for a while, and thus an advanced cancer.

    And it's really knocking my head sideways.

    My mum isn't the complaining type, and I'm really beginning to fear she's been badly let down here. The thought is really knocking me sick, it's really angering me in fact.

    Just sitting here with a drink, hoping next week isn't as bad as I'm fearing it could be. Last thing I want is to burden my mum with my worrying and upset, but I'm really struggling here.

    Really is times like this you're knocked by the head with just how much your loved ones mean to you, and how much you take them for granted. I hope I've just been premature, and this can be a learning experience.

    Apologies for this anyway, just wanted to get it all out of my head. I know there are probably blues on here who've lost loved ones to cancer, so I apologise if this comes across as self indulgent crap. I hope you forgive me.
  2. yorknomore


    22 Jun 2015
    Pie & mash shop asking for black pudding .
    No need to apologise mate can I just offer my well wishes to your Mum and your family and hope you have good news not bad news, even if the news is bad there is not telling just how treatable it is and there is always hope...good luck pal.
  3. RichardDunneOwnGoal


    5 Jun 2015
    Cheers mate, I appreciate it.
  4. 1961_vintage


    21 Sep 2009
    Nothing to apologise for. Best wishes to you and your Mum for next week. Family is everything.
  5. ScottSinclair


    19 Jun 2015
    Good luck to your mum, horrible disease.

    My grandmother were declared "healthy" from it 2 years ago. She had to visit the doctor once every month since for routine checks, the bastards didnt even check her properly, so after being ill for some time she asked for a scan of her lungs where they finally saw that the cancer had spread to more parts of her body. Shes now in even more advanced and heavy treatment than she were when she first got it, and its a good chance it could've been avoided if their "routine checks" werent so half arsed.

    Hopefully both my grandma and your mother kicks cancers ass again

    EDIT: just figured out you arent 100% sure its cancer yet, should stop browsing when im so tired. So sorry for jumping the gun but I wish both of you all the best anyway,
  6. stony


    19 Jul 2005
    Absolutely no need to apologise for anything

    More than one.

    Not at all mate, it's just a normal reaction to a horrible situation.

    I'm willing to forgive the lack of a picture of a cat eating popcorn and your indecision with the muffin/barm conundrum, but I can't and won't forgive your failure to call the rags 'SCUM'. Man up you cunt and realise your priorities.

    As an aside, I hope all your fears are unfounded and your mum is here for many years to come.

    Good luck mate.
  7. nimrod


    24 Dec 2006
    Down Under
    I believe a lot of old people dont drink enough fluids and end up with recurring UTI's which can cause blood in the urine and if the AB's dont wipe it out it will recur

    Could be simply the above
  8. manchester blue

    manchester blue

    7 May 2008
    Hope she's okay. If she's had symptoms for two years, and it was what you're thinking, would it not have spread by now and reared its head elsewhere? And how many people of a certain age have lower back pain? Good luck.
  9. All the best for you're mum blue.
  10. andyhinch


    31 Jan 2012
    On the outside looking in.
    All I can say is stay strong for your mum, hope things turn out ok, I can fully understand the the frustration and anger your feeling, I've been there a few times myself, all the best to you and your mum.

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