Carabao Cup Final 2024 | Sun 25th February

You place to much faith in the "no outside influence in the var room" arguement this is football in 2024, Sky pay big money for these games they are going to have an influence in some way shape or form . And yes I have discussed it with fans not in the "echo chamber" of blue moon and we all agree football in Britain is bent as fuck.
The chairman of the fa once said.
The Premier league needs a successful Manchester un#t#d....

Now tell me its not bent
Every final the Dippers play in they scrape through , dodgy 1-0 wins or penalties , if Clubshop was such a mentality monster you would think he could raise his players to put a decent performance in a cup final , they are a bunch of chancers
They only ever beat Chelsea on penalties and a pochetino spursy
Chelsea are actually embarrassing. The Liverpool squad is debilitated and for all the money they've spent, they can't convincingly beat kids. (Who haven't played in a final)

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