Carabao Cup Final 2024 | Sun 25th February



Could have sworn that was his CL win.

No, wait…the first PL win.

Nope. Definitely the Carabao Cup!!!

UFB…although, at this point, isn’t UFB a bit redundant when discussing the latest Scouse propaganda?!!

And, not for nothing, the Chelsea team that started the game was 2 yrs younger on average, and the Chelsea team that finished the game was 1.5 yrs younger on average, but let’s run with the “Liverpool youngsters” and the goal being scored by the world’s most expensive (and best, of course!) defender.
I know it's probably already been discussed (I didn't watch the match, highlights so catching up) but how was Chelsea's goal given as offside I'll never know. Am I missing something here or a rule change, but the line was drawn below the players elbow. As far as I was aware, a player isn't allowed to score with their elbow or hand so therefore isn't disturbing the play when they check for offsides. Have I just made that up or have they? It seems they check for every part of the human body now.
This David v Goliath narrative is a bit fucking ridiculous. Sure, they had a few injuries but ultimately they beat the 11th best team in the league.

You know it's ridiculous when the Guardian Football Weekly devote half their podcast to talking about how bad and unfair a narrative it is.

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