Cat killer/Man killer

Absolute ****. He shouldn’t be let out. Actually, why are we footing the bill for him? Into the blender with them.
Why is her being transgender important ?
Because, overwhelmingly, random stalker violent murderers are biological males - as it was in this case. It’s just that our media decided to be “economical with the truth”.
By the way, I’m not suggesting that trans people have any tendency to be violent killers either.
Facts are important to have any hope of understanding the world.
Why is her being transgender important ?
I guess beyond the fact that the murderer has been apprehended and jailed and is no longer a threat nothing is particularly important. But is it noteworthy and of interest to people reading the news? I would suggest yes, All sexual murderers of strangers are very rare but those born female are exceptionally rare indeed it is probably therefore noteworthy that this particular person was not born female and had some very unpleasant characteristics more common in the sex that they were born rather than the one they identified as.

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