Champions League 19/20

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  1. GAZZA


    26 May 2004
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    Well technically you are right.
  2. portisheadblue


    27 Jun 2009
    Apologies you are more correct than me

    I should have compared with Carabao Cup where the prize money for winning is £150k and the FA Cup is about £7.0 m

    City got £150m for PL and Littkewoods got about £67m for CL
  3. domalino


    27 Mar 2011
    Yeah but Liverpool also got ~£150m for the PL, and City got probably 40m from the CL.


  4. MeatHunterrr


    24 Apr 2014
    Liverpool got €112m for winning the CL. City got €93m for reaching quarters. CL cash increased heavily last season.

    These figures are according to Swiss Ramble.
  5. Manchester33


    12 Sep 2012
    Man City @ 4/1: We have the best squad on paper. We're used to winning competitions and we've strengthened some areas that let us down last season. If we get to the final I think we'd beat anyone in a one off game. It's getting through the tough KO stages which we're no good at. Pep might have to mix his style up for the away legs. We would benefit from being drawn home first IMO.

    Barca @ 11/2: Can't see how they're such short odds. They went out in comical fashion both last year and the season prior to that. They have the best player in the world, but the rest of the squad seems to lack the tenacity and killer edge they had in previous seasons. They're a good side, but no-where near the Guardiola era Barca.

    Liverpool @ 7/1: Reached the last two finals. We know they're going to focus on this and the Prem. I think they're reasonably priced as they're the second best team in the world IMO - you wonder if the CWC might congest their season too much? They've not lost a 2 legged euro fixture in something like 4 years, reached 3 finals in that time. It's such an impressive record - you just have to think that surely they can't go another season doing the same? Law of averages and all that.

    Madrid @ 9/1: Best priced team. Invested heavily in some seriously good players. Zidane has a 100% record in this competition. They have a lot of issues behind the scenes, but that's typical of Madrid. Most of their squad have 3 or 4 Champions league titles to their name. You can't knock that level of experience.

    PSG @ 10/1: Laughable odds. Their best player is AWOL. Tuchel doesn't seem to have a clue. UEFA hate them and they're absolute bottle jobs in the competition. Mbappe having a wonder season is the only thing that can save them, but the rest of the squad looks significantly weaker than it has done over the last decade.

    Juventus @ 10/1: Dark horses. Ronaldo loves this competition and has the ability to drag any side on to winning it. They've added some great players. Sarri won a European trophy last season. Low level of competition in their league so they'll have the ability to rotate players. Think they'll be there or there abouts and might finally break their wait to win this trophy.

    Bayern @ 14/1: Serious issues at the club. Not strengthened properly over the summer. Increased pressure domestically from Dortmund - just can't see them doing it.

    Athletico @ 20/1: Good odds, but they've not evolved as club for years. They won the Europa league two years ago quite comfortably, but when they face serious opposition they get sussed out.

    Spurs @ 20/1: Lol, if you want a punt on them, just take £10 and burn it. Will save yourself some time.

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