Champions League - 2021/22

blue b4 the moon

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25 Feb 2005
lucky for me
2 more days off
i'm starting on them there lagers just now
hopefully keep me calm while going in later on !
Just off the golf @ Ashton, tea, bath & TV tonight. Sadly after doing homes & aways in Europe I've lost the urge for the CL after getting screwed too many times.


A J Styles

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18 Aug 2008
Piece of cake. You pre order it, it’s delivered to your door and you post it off. That’s it. You put the reference they send you on the locator form

Hi sorry mate, I'm confused on this.

On returning to England from France on a direct flight you must be in possession of a negative lateral flow or PCR test from a private test provider. This test must have been completed within 72-hours prior to your arrival back into England.

NHS tests cannot be used for the purpose of pre-departure testing before travel to England, you cannot take an NHS test abroad with you to use before you return.

In addition to the above you must:

  • Book a COVID-19 test that takes place on or before day 2 after your arrival back in England (the day you arrive is day 0). You must book this prior to your departure from France. Further details on testing providers can be found here.

So when do you take this PCR test before you go and then book another on way home?

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