Champions League games 1/2 Dec


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20 Feb 2008
I've just read the BBC account of the game and it seems that the ref and the system was bending over backwards to keep Fred on for ninety minutes until the brainbox failed to realise that there is a limit, even for Rags.
Yep, 20 fouls and only Fred booked twice when he should have been sent off much earlier

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2 Sep 2008
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BTs arse licking of United tonight was off the scale the psycophantic shitstains. Every move was "brilliant" and United were soooo unlucky as they missed their best 2 chances. The fact is they were picked off on the break after being forced to chase the game after going down to 10 men. The fact Fred wasn't sent off was a disgraceful refereeing decision they all had a giggle about. It was a clear headbut but the bus driver said there was no contact, laughable. McTominay had a spat with Neymar and how he didnt get booked for fouling him 4 times in as many minutes was a joke. St. Rashfords injured his shoulder again and had to come off, let's hope it lasts more than 2 weeks.
Piss myself laughing if they end up in the Europe League.
Neymar making slab head look like Bambi on ice was the highlight of the night, sitting him on his arse twice in a move resulting in PSGS 3rd.

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27 Dec 2009
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Ha ha lovely lovely. I didn't see that coming I must admit. Didn't watch it on BT but I bet they didn't mention how much the rags cost, or how Maguire is the most expensive centre half ever in the premier league, or how 100 million Pogba can't get into the team. Or if Cavani deserves a ban for his racist tweet and ignorance is no excuse. I think my money would be safe.

Didn't mention money once. Didn't even mention it when PSG brought on Di Maria and they were talking about his time at united. I should have thought that the fact that he, alone, cost more than any player ever signed by City would have been worth a passing mention.

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