Champions league games 15/16/21/22 Feb

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  1. TotalFootballOne


    22 Mar 2016
    In terms of style of play Monaco will be a nightmare for City, especially considering they thrive against possession base teams, PSG is a possession base teams, hence why Monaco has got the best of them in the league this season. You also have to take into consideration Pep away record in KO phase of CL is a worry, so if you don't win by 3-4 goals there will be a lot to worry about in the 2nd leg.
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    30 May 2011
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    They are no mugs for sure, we have enough to beat them though it just depends which City turns up. The managers cl record is not a worry in the slightest, for me anyway.
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    Micky Flanagan looks well miffed in that! Still I do feel sorry for them coz the scums cheating may cost them CL football next season!

    Wenger has got to go, started well but he took over a healthy squad- the defence was made by George graham.

    They have never got close to the invinsibles since, wenger ought to step up into the board......let some new blood in to shake them up, otherwise they will be a team in transition again and again.

    They really should be playing CL football with manyoooooo being soooooo she-ite!!!

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