Chelsea - FA Cup SF | Post-Match Thread


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30 Oct 2008
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TBH.. shit like this is why I’m overly protective of him on here. It’s a constant barrage of hate towards him and I just don’t get it.

He’s been one of the best 3 or 4 players in the clubs most successful seasons (17/18 & 18/19) and deserves a bit of respect.

So many players were bad today.. and as bad today as Sterling was he looked like Pele compared to Kev in the derby.

why does everyone slag him off so much.. it was even going on (albeit to a lesser degree) when the lad was knocking In 20 goals a season.

It’s the same with England. It’s weird.. I don’t get it.

I don’t hate him

Frustrated yes
Annoyed absolutely
Having a laugh definately

Hate? Nah mate. Unfortunately when a highly paid highly regarded player has been awful for such a long period of time it will get mentioned. It’s the post match thread and is used for discussing the match the clue is in the title. Plenty are getting pelters as well as raz. His basic ball control today was as bad as I can remember from a supposedly top class player. He had one good run and that was the only acceptable thing he did.

Couldn’t get past a man, horrendous first touch time and time again, and his passing was utterly abject.


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9 Sep 2012
Predictably shit performance. Virtually everything was wrong. I don’t know what was worse, last years semi shit show or this years. More than likely will go the same way v Spurs when will include the same deadwood.


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29 Jan 2008
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Can’t stand these Sterling haters. On form he’s amazing, but something has happened to his form lately and he has a habit of smiling and seeming unconcerned when his chances don’t come off. That’s annoying. Foden is furious with himself if he misses chances.
The problem with Sterling is that he's got the ball control of a 5 year old that's had a gallon of Stella. This is a long running issue. He can't execute the simplest of passes. He looks great running at poor full backs, but when we have to play the passing game, it's beyond his capability. His brain does not co-ordinate with his feet. You know, I know and everybody knows that if he had an open goal to win a game on a big stage, he would miss it.


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9 Dec 2005
They didn't seem motivated to win. KDB running down the clock in the first half when we had a chance get get an attempt on goal was baffling.

it wasn't only down to the changes, it was the performance all around and in the end we were outplayed and it could have been more.

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25 Aug 2010
There's a few entitled keyboard warriors on here.
Chelsea are a good team and there are others in the league who on a good day can give us a game. There is no bloody entitlement to win and whilst I do think we are the best team, we are not that far ahead of one or two others.

That said I blame the players more than Pep. Something like 75/25 ratio. We should remember Steffen made a dreadful mistake for the goal that didn't help. The team had several players who were really poor.
I'm still very happy to lose 1 possible title to win 2 others and have a crack at the CL.
But I do agree that without KDB we need really strong teams for the next 2 and see where we are then.

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