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5 Dec 2008
Kick off time 17:30 (GMT). Live on Sky Sports.

Not asking for much but I'll settle for us scoring 5 or 6 without conceding similar this time.

It looks like they might be turning a corner with back-to-back wins but they weren't convincing against Palace. Can't be brought down to their level again like we were at Stamford Bridge.

I'd like us to put the same XI out that started against Copenhagen but Grealish will more than likely be out, so bring in Doku or Alvarez.

Liverpool are away at midday before us and Arsenal are away to Burnley at 3pm, so we'll know if they've helped us out before this kicks off.
Chelsea are actually playing a bit better now. Thought they played pretty well at Villa last week.

Not sure what side he will pick for this. Depends if Bernado out or not. Hopefully not.
Impossible to predict due to its Impossible to know which Chelsea turn up.we have to defend better than the last time we played them. CTID
2 weeks ago would have been a better time. Now they have gained confidence & are more dangerous.
Referee: Andy Madley
Assistants: Marc Perry, Nick Hopton.
Fourth official: Keith Stroud.
VAR: Peter Bankes. Assistant VAR: Ian Hussin.
We played their game last time in London. Uncontrolled transitional football. This time we will play our game, on our ground and they can't match us. Big Earl finishes his chances and we win, comfortably. They are ordinary as a team with a few decent players given time on the ball, they won't get any unfortunately for them. Enzo, Palmer etc are ballers but not that clever out of posession, which they will be, a lot!

I want us to twat them if only to hear Jason fucking Cundy praising us through clenched teeth the cockney knob.
Be nice to blank Palmer, just so he doesn’t become the story, but anything less than a multi-goal victory would be very disappointing.

They have transitional speed, esp down the flanks, but their defence should be no match for our attack.
We need two quick fullbacks who don’t stray too far forward in this one. They have very quick wingers. Walker and Akanji please.
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