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Need to be a little careful on Saturday. This lot are crap until they play a big side then tend to put some sort of performance in, proper tarty set of players club with no real backbone for a fight.
I feel very confident going into this game, Chelsea are sitting in 10th place for a reason.

They do have a couple of players who are a threat with the likes of Nkunku, Palmer and even Sterling...We have to be careful and wary of counter attacks.

Put our chances away and we'll win this game and comfortably.
I think it will be a tough game, but the momentum and home advantage will see us through.
Hearing that Erling’s grandma has died, RIP. Guess he may be a doubt for the weekend.
Thought she died on Saturday so unlikely to be a reason for missing another big game after so many recent absences. We need to put a tracker on their Argentinian midfielder as he controls everything. I expect Alvarez will replace Grealish or Bernardo for this one as we need creativity.
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