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None of this ping pong/basketball style "you attack, then we attack" nonsense.
Suffocate them with possession and our extra quality will win out eventually.

Yeh our style of play with Grealish /Silva starting compared to when Alvarez/Nunes and Doku play is night and day
Press them aggressively and overrun their midfield, caceido is prone to errors when it's tight in there and we will know that, their centre halves will be exposed by erling and Kevin. I'd expect Alvarez to come back in to play inside forward with Kevin, Phil wide right Doku left.
We could really do with one of Grealish or Silva to make the game. They’re key in terms of us controlling the play.

Grealish's injury looked a bit serious to me. He's not a little girl, and he truly hated having to go off. He was whacked by that defender early in the game. Should have been a yellow card right there. Got a feeling he's going to be out for a good few games. Which is a great pity. We need him. We need all hands on deck now.
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