Chelsea (N) | FA Cup SF | Post-Match Thread


President, International Julian Alvarez Fan Club
25 Jul 2009

Despite not playing well at all, we just appeared in an all-time competition record sixth consecutive FA Cup semifinal and managed to win it.

Now on to focusing on securing a record fourth consecutive Premier League title.

I personally think the players deserve an immense amount of credit for getting through that. You could tell they were dead on their feet but they got across the line.

And well done, Bernardo — all anyone can do is to respond well to their mistakes and he did everything he could today to just keep going, even though he will know he wasn’t on it, and he got his rewards.

Also special mention to the “brainless” Doku—really gave us an impetuous and thrust when he came on. He was my MOTM.

Up the blues!
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