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The Grealish incident wasn't even close to being a penalty. Trajectory of the ball barely shifted a millimetre, if at all. There was no intent, hands were in a natural position. It's pathetic than anyone with anything to do with football, player, fan, pundit, could argue for that incident to be punished by a near certain goal.

City were worthy winners. At the crucial stage of the game City took control and opened them up for a deserved winner. It was an extraordinary effort after the CL exit at the hands of the utterly loathsome Real Madrid.
Apparently it was a stonewall penalty for handball!
Never mind the fact it deflected off him in mid air and brushed his arm.

You see a lot more worthy handballs that aren't given, usually a Dipper player.
His arm was in a natural position whilst defending a free kick, he was holding on to Alvarez when he jumps up. if you look at players in motion their arms are stretched out depending on their actions. This silhouette rule is just pathetic.

The handball rule needs to be changed back to deliberate.
There are some idiots following football these days, many working in the media. I have had a good look at the Grealish penalty appeal and anyone calling that a penalty really needs to find another sport to moan about.
Exactly, ball went clear for goal kick, not even brushed Jack's middle finger nail, nor his shorts stitches.

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