Chelsea Thread - 2023/24

They will do what we have done. Deny them vigorously and take them through whatever process is in place to fight them.

We shouldn’t all jump on the ‘Chelsea are fucked’ bandwagon as that’s literally what everyone else has done with the 115 charges. Chelsea are just another threat to united and liverpool and the media will milk it just like us.
Agreed. But even if proven it'll be the supporters I shall feel for. Because it is us supporters who always suffer. We pay the money to watch what goes on on the pitch, not in the boardroom: that particular side of things is beyond us - and probably of no real interest to the majority of fans anyway.

If the club are found guilty there will be seismic changes ahead for the sport, that much is a certainty.
Obviously they’ll get off lightly. At worst a suspended fine or one window transfer ban. Their lawyers will argue that at the time there were no sanctions so the money was then legit, or that Abramovich only used his own not the dodgy Putin-funds.

Somehow they’ll get out of any punishment that would actually hurt like huge points deduction, relegation or removal of trophies. Too many other powerful figures in football have skeletons in the closet which could come out if Chelsea or any other big club (including us) want to take them down with them so nothing will happen beyond a metaphorical slapped wrist at best.
I thought we were OK at the back. We conceded a meh penalty and a deflection. I don't feel City created too much outside of the other two goals (Haaland's 2nd and Akanji's free header) except that one Haaland chance that Sanchez saved. It's City, you're bound to create good chances, no-one can really stop you doing that but I thought we contained you well enough for the majority of the game. We weren't spared a hammering at all.
I rest my case. Terrible at the back and struggle to score goals if they aren't gifted.

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