City launch legal action against the Premier League

Just to be clear, I have no legal knowledge of such issues and this is a question, certainly neither a statement or informed opinion....

Could Etihad have a strong case for taking legal action as they could claim, for example, by stating their reputation has been damaged due to their name dragged through the mud with, what they consider, to be inadequate evidence? After all, they have been accused of fiddling their accounts.
I doubt it. It’s a stretch.
1. Any damage from the 115 is too remote from them. It is OUR accounts that are in question. There is an inference that Etihad and its auditors are complicit, I suppose. Not enough.
2. The PL valuation is an opinion and doesn’t carry any negative implication for Etihad.
Perhaps @projectriver has a view. My thin knowledge of these things is 30 years out of date!
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