City Vs QPR The Final Game In match Thread

Fun to read through this and think it was now 11 years ago and we're about to win our 7th PL title and 9th first-tier title.

I don't think anything will ever beat that moment for me, even though the end of last season was ridiculous too.
What was the most overlooked part of the day?


Zaba's opening goal? For me, that goal was pure joy and opened it all up. Think Edin and Sergio's goals get played much more though.

Yaya off for NDJ?
Barry off for Edin?
Subbing Edin on?
Tevez off for Mario?
Balotelli's first assist?

That whole day was just amazing, even before the comeback.
The best EVER moment in sports. No matter how many trophies they win, the Raggies won't ever know what it's like to win one in such an amazingly and unforgettable moment like this. The 1999 CL final comes close, but it wasn't quite the same, especially with two goals from corners and we scored our winner in open play and scored with a blast of a strike.

I just cried so much when Sergio scored that winner. I would have hit the cieling if I was at home and not in a pub. I celebrated so much just in case it wouldn't happen again and we've been blessed six times more.

Went to seven games that season, the most I have been to in one seasonal cycle. Next season it will be an awful lot more.
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First time I have read it, nice to see the stress levels were similar to those that we suffered at the game.

Just liked a post from over a decade ago:-)
I can't believe the emotions I'm going through watching it again on Sky Sports right now.

The emotional release from that game I don't think I'll ever feel that way again
I've just clicked into the thread to see what had been posted and just reading your post has raised hairs on my arms, like you said......THAT feeling THAT day with the highs and lows will never ever be experienced by us again, some other club could get 'the moment' but, for us it was a once in a lifetime day.

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