City Vs QPR The Final Game In match Thread

One of the most important results in our history but the Gillingham game has more significance imo.
Ha ha!! Really enjoyed reading some of the meltdowns just before Sergio rattled that winner in. Seems like we've always had the end is nigh in game posters on here'. :-D
Probably posted this already in the thread but always remember some woman half way down 117 screaming 'come on you fuckers remember Gillingham'......and she was right.
Just feel lucky to be one of the 44,000 blues who witnessed it live.

I was in the North stand level one and had a great view and I remember for a split second after Taiwo's challenge thinking PENALTY, then a second later frantically looking for the linesman before going mental. I've often wondered what would have happened if Aguero went down and Balo had to take the pen, I can feel the tension just thinking about it!

Whatever happens in the future that is one moment no-one can take away from us.
He would have scored 100%
He would have missed it without a doubt.

It would have been just like that Robbie Fowler pen against Boro to get in the UEFA cup but even more ‘typical city’ because his record at spot kicks was so incredible.
Can't believe this is happening. There's no way we will score twice in 5 min



fuck me fuck me fuck me.....

I am crying my eyes out, 36 years I've waited for this
I have just had an enjoyable 20 minuted reading this thread, first time I have done so. These are some of my fav posts on it.

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