Claudio Echeverri/On Loan at River Plate

It was a pretty hectic game (as these ones are) and he was in and out of it.

A great assist when he did receive the ball in a dangerous area and I think he'll flourish in a team that controls the game.

However, at this stage in his career he can have moments of being ineffectual, which is why Demichelis is prone to subbing him.
River visited Paraguay last night for the Copa Libs, won 2-1 vs Libertad. CE started and, per Demi, asked to come off at HT due to feeling worn down by his recent illness. Watched the first half, thought he played well despite these highlights not being very impressive, rose-colored glasses maybe ...

BTW, his replacement, 16yo Franco Mastantuono, scored the match winner at 80m.
River got knocked out of the Arg Copa back a spell so the sked kinda got thin ... but they travelled to Uruguay last night for a Copa Libs match against a team full of Luis Saurez devotees, alternating between supreme thuggery and shameless simulation. 2-2 Draw, River lost a 2 goal lead pretty quickly when CE was subbed off at 73m. He was unremarkable, like a bumper in a pinball machine is unremarkable, mute warning ...

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