Cole Palmer

Class in what way? I thought he was respectful to City, liked seeing him laughing and joking wioth our boys, but what was class about him yesterday? Maybe I missed something. I didnt miss his sublime turn, then poor shot btw. But what else did he do?
His touches in general and passing were class. Very rare to see someone leave Akanji for dead with a turn, followed that with a good ball for Jackson( not his fault Jacko is shite). A right footed volleyed pass first half to put Gusto away down the right wing was also quality.I thought in general he looked good. Didn’t note down everything he did.

I’m not really arsed that he left. He wanted games and guarantees off Pep that he didn’t get. Wouldn’t have got the freedom he gets at Chelsea so highly unlikely he’d have had the same impact for us. He’s a quality player though and good to watch as he’s a bit of a maverick.
Be interesting to watch his progression over next few years. He wasn’t as stand out yesterday as recent games.
Bloody hell. You’ve just ruined my Sunday. Palmer was shit yesterday though and is having a bad season. ;) How dare someone leave City!
Finally, you're getting it. Only took you two days.
in retrospect we sold ourselves short but it happens, if somebody came asking for him now then 100m wouldn't be out of the question and certainly if that was us calling lol

With the reputation of our youth set up now justified the fees will be sustained and this will also fund future purchases etc

The odd one like Palmer will slip through, they always have, the rags let Platt and Beardsley leave for example.

The rags made a career of selling players not good enough for them for decent money (at the time) now we are.
I agree with much of what you say, but he's never worth £100m.
He was nullified yesterday wasnt he? I would say when he comes up against top line opposition, RM, Barca, Bayern, City etc, he isnt as good. But lets see. He's already surprised me with getting better and better since he went to chelsea.

I still think this time next year, when the goals are not going in, and the focus is off him, that he will be no better than Sterling is now.

Ill tell you this though, if he performs the way he has but at City, the media would NOT be fawning over it. Its how divisive they are, so I do NOT believe them when they tell me this is one of the best players in the country that City let go... He's having a very good period where all his ducks have lined up. Left City, now able to play as much as he wants, everyone tells him he's brilliant, he takes the pens, positive coverage.

Thats the total opposite of what City players get, even to the point now that Foden is being compared unfavourably to Palmer. Wtf, its how our media pick the England team.

Palmer will be nothing this time next year when the media have stopped using him as some sort of totem against City
I didn't think he was all that when he was with us and I couldn't see what all fuss over him was about other than the fact he had come out of our academy and I felt he was being bigged up beyond his worth.
I posted on here to that effect at the time.
Having said that, he seems to have done well at Chelsea, probably better than I expected or gave him credit for.
It'll be interesting to see how he progresses in the next few seasons only then will we know whether we lost or gained in letting him go.
Thats the total opposite of what City players get, even to the point now that Foden is being compared unfavourably to Palmer. Wtf, its how our media pick the England team.
Add Bellingham to that list btw. Had a fantastic goalscoring start to his Madrid career but he's basically been hyped beyond all recognition by the English press to the point that he was being tipped for the Balon d'Or. Fast forward to 2024 and he's scored 3 goals in all competitions and currently has a far more modest (still great for a youngster) 16 goals and 4 assists in the league. And just like Palmer, when he plays against us, resorts to be used as a 10th line of defence.
He had one good moment that was well saved by Ortega. I also recall him stealing the ball from Stones very early on in the game. I honestly cannot recall that much else but having said that, I wasn’t looking out for him from a neutral eye. Where the BBC had him as MoTM, I have no idea. For me it was KDB, from his 120 minutes on Wednesday to another excellent performance today.
Was that the one he curled straight into Ortegas arms at mid height and he simply caught it, the one with no power in it ?

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