Corruption in English football?

Blue Mist

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14 Aug 2005
You can't leave us hanging like this, we're all wanting more info! :)
Right, @West Yorks Owl as I have now sobered up again.....
Taylor did indeed recomend to the government that stadiums be made all seater. This was what the FA had been lobbying for (mainly because they had their best mate and ex FA wanker now running a company that made seats for football grounds.
Did you read my earlier bit Mr Owl. The first contract they got was putting seats in your ground. How co-incidental is that !


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22 Jun 2014
Liverpool and United have always had decisions in their favour but this season the help that Liverpool have had has been on an industrial scale. All to manufacture a title race. Too many times and on a regular basis they have had help. It happens week after week often multiple times in games. Milner committed 3 yellow card offences v City at Anfield and got away with being sent at least once. With Palace giving Liverpool a torrid time at 1-2 down at Selhurst Park, Jota bends his run deliberately into the Palace keeper - ref gives no pen but VAR flags it up and he changes his mind when it was never a foul - game over. In the Merseyside Derby at Anfield Gordon was clearly fouled in the box but no penalty was given. How did Mane stay on the pitch after twice sticking his hands into the faces of opponents - both dismissal offences? Mane goes onto to score decisively.

Too often City players are fair game for referees. Saturday was yet another example when it was deemed OK to put in dangerous challenges on City players. How many more times has a City player how-to be upended in the box and no pen given. Two yellow cards were dished out to City players who committed 3 fouls in total Leeds who committed 13 and rectified just 1 yellow card in total.

Week after week, every little helps Liverpool. Often camouflaged as "mistakes".

It happens far too happen for it to be a coincidence.

It's corruption in plain sight to manufacture a false title race and "a story".

Never has English Football been more corrupt.

Keep on winning City. Keep boiling Red Scouse piss and that of their bent supporters in the media and otherwise.

Come on City. Win.
It happens most games. In the game against Crystal Palace LiVARpool supporters argue they were winning anyway, the second LiVARpool goal was offside. They should have had a player sent off against Leicester in the beginning of the game, Arsenal had a player sent off in the semi final that was postponed due to false negative Covid results. More of the same in the final against Chelsea, a LiVARpool player should have been sent off and a goal was disallowed for Chelsea for offside. The ruled out Chelsea goal was more onside than the goal LiVARpool got given a few days later for a one nil win and another undeserved three points for LiVARpool against West Ham. Same type of decisions in all their F.A Cup games, they should have had a player sent off early against Cardiff and Cardiff should have had a penalty at nil nil. Similar decisions in their favour against Forest. Same in the league. They got given a penalty against Villa for a supposed dive while Villa had a penalty waved away. That's a three point swing in one game. Against City , City had two winning goals ruled out and once again LiVARpool got away with red cards. These red cards would have affected their following games too. Against Villareal they got given an offside goal to make it easier in the away game. Same against Everton. Same against Newcastle. Occasional " mistakes " would be understandable but it's most games with them and almost always in their favour. These " mistakes " only happen occasionally against them in a 38 game league to give them something to point at and argue decisions "even out ". These " mistakes " don't cost them in cup competitions though. LiVARpool supporters keep pointing to the accidental "handball" against Everton. This is the same team that scored against Wolves a few seasons ago with a handball on the halfway line, for another handball in the box ,to set up a goal, while Wolves had a goal ruled out for " offside " another three point swing. They also had two handball incidents in the box, one set up a goal, their was a third penalty waved away for City for a shove in the back on City player, all in the same game that season. Where was the official apology for Wolves or City. Once again it's a distraction so they can have something to point at, one decision for City in contrast to numerous decisions in LiVARpool's favour that has kept them in contention for the league and F.A Cup and handed them the Caraboa Cup. Like their red counterparts, they like to talk about " history " it would be interesting to look back at " history " and see all the decisions that led to their " glory ". LiVARpool's last few cup and title runs have been very similar to United's last " success" in the F.A Cup, with one debatable decision after another. LiVARpool needed to beat Napoli in the Champions League qualifying group, should have had a player sent off and Napoli had a goal disallowed. In the final after City were put out against Spurs, with a handball, given because the one conclusive frame showing the handball wasn't shown to the referee. Even after that City got another winning goal that was ruled out for a debatable "offside." Spurs went to the final instead and in the first few minutes, rather than make a simple pass to a team mate, the LiVARpool player kicked the ball straight at the Spurs players armpit and got a penalty. There were similar decisions leading to LiVARpool " winning " the league as their have been this season to keep them on course for the "Quad". Without all these decisions their season would have been over before it began.


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1 May 2012
An acquaintance was on the board of Green Flag during their sponsorship of the national side. Fair to say the whole shooting match is bent even down to the fact that contractually all events had to be held at a place that Venables owned and was charged at an utterly obscene rate paid for by sponsors. The whole thing was like some awarded gravy train. I used to think Allerdyce would have been so pissed off to get sacked when he did. He was “entitled” to much more than he got during his tenure

also got to see a certain big eared presenter in his pomp with the ladies over in Dublin for the cancelled game just about when his image was peak “wholesome housewives choice mr goody two shoes”

the whole lot of them are in it up to their bloody eyeballs

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