Cost of living crisis - how are you all doing?

I know! But there are some products where there is no or little justification and that is the most basic. Own brand cereal flakes(Special K) is another. Waitrose and Tesco versions have absolutely identical nutritional information. and therefore are almost certainly made in the same factory and are, in fact, the same product. 20% more in Waitrose.

Snide cereals are sometimes shite.

I bought the Aldi snide crunchy nut cornflakes once. Tasted like dried up rat shit they’d scooped up from the stock room floor.
Snide cereals are sometimes shite.

I bought the Aldi snide crunchy nut cornflakes once. Tasted like dried up rat shit they’d scooped up from the stock room floor.
At least times are better for you these days and you don’t have to eat the dried up rat shit scooped from the stockroom floor.
Presume that’s how you know how it tastes.. :-)
Ha ha...know the feeling well. You should be alright after 16 years trading with good customers....dont reduce your prices though in the vain attempt you'll win customers.
We have a small comercial laundry whereby 99.9% are rentals, restaurants, B & Bs etc etc. We usually manage to scrape through until mid january before telling the girls they aren't needed until easter, we told them last week........We normally have a cull of our ' not so good ' customers and are turning down new ones,....not this year, I'm on the phone doing my sales and marketing interview without coffee routine. I'm even going out of my way for clients I wouldn't usually. And... this is on top of a 20% price rise. We've lost a few clients mainly to Covid ( 2 died ), price increases whereby clients have just closed and the Welsh governments hair brain scheme of hugely taxing rental properties that dont show more that 183 days rental....we have a rental property as well and we have nothing booked in from the end of next week...nothing at all...scarey times, buckle up, we've all been here before.
Yeah im not worried. Well i do worry. But i know itll be ok.
My prices stay the same, bumped em up this year, never drop them. If its too high for a customer then there is other companies that will do it for less.

My customers are great and i know jan and feb will see me scrape through, ive learned to enjoy the quiet times, and come march itll hopefully be busy again as spring hits

About 11 years ago i took a part time job as business went on its arse, im not proud and would do that again if needs be
I'm on 40k and my Mrs is on 22k. We split the bills as a percentage of our income i.e I pay circa 65%. I'm managing to put about £500 a month away which is slowly but surely getting us towards a deposit on our first place. I'm from a low income family with no inheritance, she's from abject poverty.

We've got a big decision this time next year to buy a property, or try our hand abroad where we can do more for our money and have a better quality of life. I'm leaning towards the latter but it would require another sidestep by me into a fully remote role. We are both multilingual so there are a few open doors for us in terms of location.

We go away a fair bit which has shrunk our savings but I'm a firm believer in experiencing things while young, it's opened my eyes massively going to different corners of the world.

We don't drink, smoke and rarely eat out as she's a great cook. We use Tesco delivery service currently which I believe is about £8 a month, she's in charge of that. I find the time saved from shopping around in supermarkets outweighs the increase in delivery cost. However, groceries are definitely our biggest outlay per month.

Rent is £930 which is a killer, but we paid much less previously in worse areas and prefer the security of a nicer area, still have a few shit neighbours though. Ideally I'd have bought by now but I've only been earning good money for around 18 months now. We had the heating on twice last year when gas prices were sky high, I refused to budge. The house is only 5 years old which has slashed our gas and electric bills hugely compared to previous hellholes we've rented.

I've got fuck all to complain about really, hats off to those juggling business at the moment and pushing to make ends meet. My target is to get to a £3k a month income after tax, any more than that and the worklife balance would shift, fuck being senior management in the corporate world. I aim to get some passive income by my 40s by way of 2 or 3 rental properties.

No government is coming to save any of us, I won't ever vote. There's the top 3%, then the 10% of minions who are the face of the show i.e your Rishi Sunaks, 5% big earners, 50% the rest of us working people, 30% ish growing underclass and benefit scroungers. This hasn't been a first world country for a couple of decades now, we've had our time in the sun as a powerful country. Once middle class people are now very much working class.
The bars and restaurants are busy with footfall, but the overhead's are killing them.

I work for a small chain of 4 pubs and the owners were telling me that to make the same profits of a few years ago they should be charging £8 a pint
£8? I’ll let someone else buy me one of those…

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