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21 Nov 2004
i'm not really here
Except if you fully declared income over £50,000 you get nowt, but if you under-declared so income was under £50,000, you will get paid...

And Heaton Park is entirely in Manchester. It's the boundary.
just drifting off, the Tax credit system has done them no favors, yes its brought the unemployment fig down as you can work 32 hours a week in a joint partnership '16 hours each', so the incentive is as an indivdual and were all human is to make minimum profit and claim the maximum tax credit and stick the rest of your income in your back pocket,the country is rife with people doing this, an American invention which enabled the Government to twist Figures and deceive the public that things were better than they were


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3 Jan 2014
Team supported
Don't be daft
Clap for the Carers was brilliant.

Everyone out clapping enabled me to sneak out for some panic buying. Empty shop. Result!
I watched next door go out on there patio at the back.
Ran in the front door and knicked all the bog roll.
Next time I will get new not the stuff shes just used

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