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23 Oct 2014
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Manchester City
Sunday 17th January

Manchester City v
Crystal Palace

Kickoff: 7:15pm (UK)
Etihad Stadium, Manchester, UK

Live TV: SkySports (UK)

Referee: Lee Mason
Assistants: Scott Ledger, Tim Wood
Fourth Official: Andy Madley
VAR: Martin Atkinson
Assistant VAR: Peter Kirkup


Premier League Stats

They have recently performed well against us ... we have only managed two wins in the last five league games against them ... and have failed to beat them on their last two visits to the Etihad (L1 D1) ...


We are the form team in the league right now, no doubt about that ... will update these (below) form and league positions table tomorrow after Crystal Palace has played their midweek fixture ... but for now this is where the two teams stand (our stats are also before our Brighton game):

Edit: Updated tables below, now reflecting stats including our game against Brighton and theirs against Arsenal.

Pre-Match Thoughts

Another unusual kick-off time this week ... after playing early on Wednesday at 6pm, we now play late on Sunday at 7:15pm ... within the fine margins of hours that we are playing this season, and for a change this time, the gap between the fixtures is favouring us as Crystal Palace don't play their mid-week game till tomorrow night so we'd have a little over 26 hours of recovery time more than them, which as little as it may be is still an advantage in this busy period.

While everyone has been going on about this run of easy fixtures for us (including ourselves), this particular one stands out as perhaps the toughest till our visit to Anfield in February ... they actually started the season very well and have now tailed off a bit but are still a very good team, always organized and have the pace on the counter - the exact thing needed to hurt us.

But the rich vain of form we are in and our new found defensive stability, and should that continue we'd cause any team in Europe problems let alone in England. Not something they'd have been looking forward to after the start of the season they had compared to us.

I'm sure a lot of us would be keeping an eye on their game tomorrow at the Emirates against Arsenal (it's an 8pm kick-off and is on Sky) ... let's see how they get through that one and get to us three days later.

Match Prediction

Another clean sheet ... City 2 - 0 Crystal Palace

C'mon City!
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19 Nov 2008
93:20 May 13th 2012
Another tough game on Sunday with the way Crystal Palace counter attack. We haven't beaten Palace at home since 2017 I think so hopefully we out the record straight on Sunday.
Hopefully Arsenal work the bollocks off them tomorrow night too before Sunday's game.
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