De Bruyne?

News of Manchester City's latest signing Kevin De Bruyne, reaches the Rebel Fleet.

R2D2 bleeped: I'm looking forward to KDB assisting/ scoring 10 goals for City in the next derby match. Man U got away with a 6-1 thrashing once. It should've been 10. It should've been 10, Fuck off back to the Death Star, It should've been 10

Luke Skywalker said of De Bruyne: The force is strong in that one.

Han Solo added: Great passing Kev, but don't get cocky.

Darth Vader insisted: It is De Bruyne's destiny.

Governor Tarkin stated: I'm taking an awful risk on this transfer. This had better work.

***The Emperor was unavailable for comment, but he had previously maintained the deflector shield will be quite operational when De Bruyne arrives.

NB: Yoda, and Obi Wan look pretty smug about the KDB transfer completion, although why Gareth Bale, whose stood next to them, looks so happy about it, is completely beyond me

(Run VT)

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