Did Mancini put his own CV ahead of City's interests?

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Didsbury Dave, 13 Apr 2011.

  1. Didsbury Dave

    Didsbury Dave

    1 Feb 2007
    I'm not stating this as gospel, but as i've had the same conversation with a couple of blues, I thought it worthy of debate on here.

    I don't believe anyone can credibly argue that the ommision of Silva and De Jong from the Liverpool game was for footballing reasons. They had to be being protected for the semi final game this weekend. But it has been stated on numerous occasions that City's first priority is the league, and a place in the top 4. Again, I don't think it can be argued that that is the case either.

    So did Mancini leave them out because to him personally the cup is more important because he is leaving in the summer? An FA Cup victory is surely a badge on his CV which would stand up more than a 4th place finish in years to come.

    Did he take a risk which backfired for his own selfish reasons?

    Again, just to make absolutely clear, I'm not saying he did, I'm just asking a question....
  2. DenisLawBackHeel74


    20 Feb 2010
    I was thinking the very samething.

    I'm still very angy with the manner of the defeat to look at it constructively to be honest and just want to push pins in a doll of him.....

    maybe next time he is in San Carlo the waiter should set out plastic spoons instead of knife and fork, spill a glass of red wine down his front, present him with an inedible main course instead of pasta ragu he ordered and then when mancini inevitably complains just say....i eez sorry...i got it wrong...i eez avin a bad day.
  3. no. not a cattin hells chance.

    i think he thought the team that played liverpool could win.

    and the semi was more important than that single game.

    if we win on sat, everybody will be saying it was a good idea, if we lose im not coming on here for weeks.
  4. Mike C

    Mike C

    18 Apr 2010
    I suppose it's certainly one possible explanation - part of Mancini's "USP", if you like, is that he's won something at every club he's been at; it's plausible to think he may be keen on that continuing.

    However, I personally hope not - and suspect there's no way we'll ever know!
  5. pee dubya

    pee dubya

    21 Sep 2005
    Does he need to?

    Besides i think anyone who did any sort of research into Mancini (rather than just skimming his trophy wins) when considering employing him would realise what the priorities were for us at the time, and that whilst a trophy would be a welcome bonus, the key ojective for the future of the club was Champions League qualification.
  6. blucat599


    16 Dec 2009
    Dave of Didsbury, your desire to see Mancini leave knows no bounds, you see evidence of it in everything that happens, who the hell would replace him, there is no way the owners would appoint a British manager, they are not on the radar, I mean guys like O'neill, Moyes, Allardyce or Coyle, it would be the biggest backward step of all time!
  7. i think Mancini's knows he's gone and is going for something that makes him look good to foreign clubs.

    I think players like Tevez have sussed him and it's become a battle that in no way benefits the club whatsoever.

    I can't believe that Mancini had our genuine interests at heart with that selection on monday, and I don't believe he set out to win that game or was bothered about it.
  8. Didsbury Dave

    Didsbury Dave

    1 Feb 2007
    Not sure about that. Managers and players want trophies, and he has an enormous ego.
  9. andy h

    andy h

    19 Jul 2005
    cloud 9
    Interesting theory, Dave.

    All season he has been playing up the league and top 4 finish as the priority. So why the plan to play a weakened team? I fear Bobby has screwed up big time. No Tevez is a big blow. I can see us getting dicked on Saturday. I suspect that the boys will play well but we will be hampered by not scoring.

    Also, rather than protecting our cushion against Spuds, we may have given them a boost as it may come down to the game against them again. Spuds can now play with that in mind.

    Blackburn, Stoke and West Ham games are winnable. Everton and Spurs games will be squeaky bum jobs (Everton probably a loss). Bolton away who knows - could be a banana skin.
  10. salfordblues


    24 Aug 2005
    South Stand
    To me, he thought that we could sneak a point and it backfired.

    He knows that the league is the most important thing but he thought that a point on Monday and a fully fit squad De jong and Silva would mean we could win at Wembley.

    Losing to Liverpool hasn't stopped us from getting top 4 but losing at Wembley on Saturday will stop us from winning the cup.

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