Do you ever use a bidet, or are they only for posh people?


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29 Jan 2010
Its Guinness time any day of the week.
Only to piss in
This is a true story.
I stay at my mates in Wolverhampton about 6 times a year,as we go out on the lash calling in at micro breweries around the Black Country area.
This particular day we`d been on the pop for a full 12 hours.I surprisingly awoke at 7.00 am on the Sunday and decided to go back home without waking my mate up.
Its only a 70 minute drive so imagine my surprise when I arrived home with the wife saying that Bill had phoned and could I get back in touch.
He was not a happy chappie !! By all accounts I had used the bidet as a piss stone and "flushed" my piss by using the water from the bidet.Unfortunately I had left the tap on all night and when he awoke and went downstairs the bastard kitchen was awash with water dripping down the ceiling.
I felt a right twat !!
I do vaguely remember going for a piss,but fuck knows where,but probably in the bidet.
I offered to pay for any damage,but having known my mate for nearly 40 years he was kind enough to use his home insurance to pay.
That was about 8 years ago and I still go down to his house,but I always ensure I have a piss before going to bed.I`m down this weekend .. perhaps I need a supply of male piss pant nappies to avoid any further mishaps ?

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