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6 Jul 2009
East Stand level 1
I despise the Guardian’s football coverage. Nonces and City haters to a man.
However, their analysis and connections to the media landscape are second to none, hence it is one of the biggest recruiters in that sector.
Their round-up of how Mick Lynch led the Gammon attack dogs a merry dance is quite the read.
More power to him and the train lads. Loads of my mates on the pickets and hope they win.



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29 Feb 2012
Schapps doesn't want to resolve it. The new offer is even worse than previous.

Nationwide Driver Operation Only. Guards being made redundant or accept a shittier "customer service contract."

Add that to abolition of booking offices. They are determined to break the union than negotiate seriously.

Well done all you cunts who voted Tory.

First they came for...and all that.
In the RMT we trust.

Dr Quincy

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20 Apr 2022
Team supported
Bone idle luddites. Make an example of them and nip this in the bud before the unions really start getting lairy.


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13 Jun 2008
Can't disagree with a lot of what you've said but regarding the bolded bit, you need to understand that a lot of workers don't have access to the leverage that the RMT or other unions have. It's great that the RMT can organise themselves in such a way and Mike Lynch is doing a cracking job in telling it like it is and tearing all these dickhead politicians/presenters/pundits to shreds.

However, many of us in the private sector would never get away with going on strike in a million years. The company I work for has less than 10 employees. If we decided to strike over pay and conditions, our customers would all just fuck off elsewhere to another supplier as we would no longer be able to offer a service and that would inevitably lead to us going out of business. As it happens, it's a great place to work at but our pay rise this year has been on the low side as we're trying to build the business back up to where it was pre-Covid.
And it may surprise you that I never worked for a company that was Unionised. The main companies I worked for treated me fairly, paid generous pension contributions, which is the main reason I could retire early, had a progressive attitude towards holidays so that I could take 30 days off plus bank holidays, paid me well, and didn't expect me to work longer than 40 hours a week. One owner of a company I worked for expected us to leave at 5pm, and forget about the place until we returned the following morning.

I didn't belong to a Union, not because I was against the idea, but I thought the employment legislation we had as members of the EU was sufficient to protect me, and as the companies I worked for were in, I can't remember the name now, was it 'fair employer' scheme, it never crossed my, and my colleagues heads to go on strke because there was no need to. We were looked after, and when I went down with shingles I took five weeks off work on full pay.

What I don't understand, and never will, is the reaction against the lefty wokes trying to protect the interests of normal working folk whilst they themselves enjoy the benefits socialism has given them.

Many die hard tories can't understand it is socialism that has given them the opportunity to rise above serfdom, and while they clap like seals and nod their heads like donkeys when a tory politician wanders off with their demonstrable lies about everything, their hip rplacement surgery provided by the NHS was opposed by the political party they support, but provided by the political party they detest.

In the interest of balance, I now pay £14 a month to a Union, because all of us owe a gratitude of debt to the struggles our forfathers went through so we could live in a civilsed country, and which is now cynically being swept away.

We need to protect ourselves, and this government is giving millions of people a wake up call through their incompetence and sheer dishonesty.


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7 Aug 2019
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Kier Hardie
Well I did wonder that but I couldn't make the connection to the discussion in hand unless it was contrasting Mick Lynch's comments on class to the view sometimes claimed that Hardie didn't believe in the class struggle, which seemed a bit of a stretch even for the hotbed of Marxist sedition that is BM (so a certain poster tells me) so I assumed it was something/someone else.


El Presidente
10 Jan 2005
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RCD Espanyol
They are super rich for a reason.
They have usually done something with their lives that has benefited us all and have been prepared to reward them to do so.
With the vast majority, their wealth is tied up in their Companies not some sort of cash mountain that they count every day.
You seem to forget the millions of jobs they have created and how much public services have benefitted from the amount of personal and corporate taxes which have resulted from their endeavours.
Without their money we would have very poor public services.
Did you copy and paste that from a Tufton Street think tanks website?

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