England wasting one of the most talented squads ever assembled on Southgate

6 months ago? You mean like, last season?

So he was playing an out of form player last season and is leaving the same, in-form player out this season? And he can't win? There's a very fucking simple solution to this particular puzzle which I'm sure you're intelligent enough to work out if you wanted to.

Yeah there's a really simple solution - stop whining about squads having some continuity, remember this is about 4 year cycles, and stop throwing your toys out of the pram because a player who had 3 good games isn't called up and a player who had 3 bad games isn't immediately dumped.
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He's (Southgate) very lucky that pragmatism and boring football (defensive) is what wins you tournaments and also that it's essentially a given that you'll qualify considering the level of opposition you come up against in qualifiers.

It's just a shame that he's the one in control of this bunch of players but the FA will be too scared to change it because he's essentially grown with the majority of the youngsters and the squad harmony is so good.
The other difference is one of them also seems to get sacked a lot for being a bit of a dick and for the lack of decent football. I have no interest in discussing how good someone used to be.

That's missing my original point in the whole conversation.

It was that i think Mourinho would make a good international manager (not just for England) because he knows how to get through tournaments, hence his record, even getting to finals or winning them at his last 3 clubs, none of which were great teams. He's won the europa conference and got the UEFA Cup final in his first two seasons at Roma, so he still does well in tournament football.

Plus he doesn't have much time to be a dick or build bad relationships because he isn't working with them on a weekly basis.

Nobody is saying he's as successful at club level like he once was, but if you wanted a guy with a lots of winning experience (18 out of 22 finals he's reached) and knows how to navigate through to finals and you're not working with them every week, I can barely think of anyone that fits the bill more.

He wouldn't have lost both that Croatia game or Italy game. He would've gotten over the line in at least one.
Southgate isn't a manager in the true sense of the word, at the moment he's the custodian of some English people, some of whom can play football. Sadly he prefers to pick players who can't.
He appears to have an unhealthy obsession with Slabhead, one of the most clumsy and inept players ever to pull on the England shirt. A player so lacking in awareness that I heard he tried a pass last night that went to an opposition player, who then raced into the England penalty area, ball at his feet, and the very same Slabhead that gave the player the ball in the first place crashes into him and almost gives away a penalty.

It is Pythonesque, surreal, and downright bizarre that a man like Southgate is in charge of our national team. But it is bordering on criminality that he is wasting the talents of so many great players at the same time.
I actually think the opposite. He is a very good 'manager'. He has the players all invested, they buy in to the England team ethic. He protects them well and does all the 'management' aspects of the job effectively. His 'employees' all seem to respect him.

He is however, a hopeless coach. He has no tactical elasticity. He cant see beyond 6 at the back. His ethos is all centered on stopping the other team from scoring. He can not change a game in flight.
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No I’m saying he’s copying Pep not Klopp regarding the inverted full back and there is a question mark after the sentence about rashford implying was he serious about him being a quality player.
Southgate is great at copying concepts without actually knowing why they work or how to make them work. He see's the inverted full back and thinks, I like this, picks someone to play the role but doesnt actually drill patterns of play to enable it to be effective. We just play the same but with the full back in midfield next to the other 2 defensive mids.
That’s not fair. He won the Europa Conference League recently.

Not many elite managers win that trophy.

Haters would suggest they’re never in it, but the point still stands.

Well, apart from its current winner, who is none other than the chosen one himself, David Moyes.
He won the UEFA cup which is a level above the Conference League wet sham won..

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