Epic rants

Just Stop Oil opposes the government granting new fossil fuel licensing and production agreements on its website, it calls for the government to stop all future consents and licensing agreements related to the development, exploration, and production of fossil fuels. They are being naive imo.

He might sound "thick as mince" to you but his view is correct, we need oil to carry on our way of life, and therefore we need to find new oil.
Everything that is manufactured depends on oil. Machines cannot operate without oil.
Also oil is needed as a component part of many materials we use every day, like the plastic case that houses your computer. To say we should only look to wind farms is nonsensical in the manufacturing industry.
It's impossible to manufacture without oil.
Without oil the world as we know it would grind to a rapid halt.
I'm all for conserving oil and not wasting it as we do on certain human behaviors (especially by the mega rich) but we will need oil for many many decades to come.

Maybe it's the protestors that are "thick as mince" blocking roads, wrecking sporting events, winding people up and disrupting everyone's life. It's definitely not a great way to endear people to your cause.
Not a bad rant effort mate.
But try to be a bit more shouty and call someone a ****. :)
It's a good one though. Somebody like many pushed to the end of his tether and venting. The fact he does it in a more controlled and eloquent way doesn't diminish it's impact.

We’ll agree to disagree mate. Now, I’m off to re-watch those angry United fans!

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