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Discussion in 'General football forum' started by Mayor West, 21 Apr 2015.

  1. Mad Eyed Screamer

    Mad Eyed Screamer

    25 Nov 2010
    Tampa Bay, Florida
    What would I like you to say?
    You think it is ok for local neighbours to have to put up with a load of lorries parking up with trailors and all sorts and using loud generators long in to the night - and the club not having the decency to even inform residents who will be affected?
    "We will be good neighbours" the club boasted.
    No idea if the neighbour has contacted the club but suspect the answer is yes. I thought you have to be a member to post on the members forum so how would he or she do that? I know there are spies on the unofficial forum, no idea myself as I was banned over 6 years ago for daring to offer opinions against the stadium.

    As for that ugly overgrown field, yes it was at that point. Interesting to see councillor Paul 'Dog Shit' Murphy in the picture.
    The council deliberately neglected the field during the long process of the stadium planning application so that twats like Murphy could turn round and say 'look what an eyesore this is'. The council didn't touch it in 2 years.
    The fun fair used that field once a year and the grass was kept cut and trimmed regularly.
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  2. mrbelfry


    25 Feb 2008
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    Nothing wrong with their willies. It's just the men that have small ones
  3. worsleyweb


    29 Sep 2009
    Bucket fanny syndrome I would imagine.
  4. Questions for northmanc FC fan:

    Do you seriously think that all your defensive postings will change anyone’s mind about your shitty turncoat club?

    What do you think about Man City and Man City fans?

    Why do you still insist singing anti City songs and expect us on here to actually think you’re ok as a club or fan base?

    If you don’t give a shit or care about what we think why are you here turbo defending Fc Ushited?

    What do you expect on a City fans forum? Seriously?
  5. ancoats


    28 Aug 2005
    singing anti city songs. leeds songs. liverpool songs. is in there DNA its all they know
    FCUM are manchester united fans and will always be united fans they can never turn there back on them even with the fake club fcum its united that is in there blood

    i know loads of them and they are what i call chameleons and they change there colours to fit in at fcum salford city and at big brother. anything with the link to big brother they will follow and happy gloat the gospel to anybody that wants to listen at a price mind you they give you a nice little membership card and number you are now part of the whole shabang and call yourself a supporter hahahaha

    football is not a game its religion they all spout at the big brother house well that's not really true is it one love and all that bollocks is for the glory hunters your football club is about loyalty in good and bad times and you never turn your back on your club yes you can fall out of love with it but never turn your religion to another its just not on and the born and bread fans will find you out just like FCUM they are all running to the hills asking forgiveness at big brother the crowds are falling quicker than ever just go and have a look over at salford city to see where the fcum fans are going to get there 2nd fix from

    this weekend am going under cover at a local pub with video to film the fans watch this space
  6. dom


    25 May 2004
    Film maker Ken Loach spotted the cake and eat it hypocrites that are FSCUM and rightly mocked them to the rafters....I can put up with honest rags but this shower of shyte.....all the so called Indy FScum ‘supporters’ round my way are all dyed in the wool rags....
  7. NorthManc7


    4 Nov 2017
    When did I say it was okay for neighbors to have to put up with noise? If there is a genuine complaint to be had here then make sure your friend informs us of the inconvenience and do let us all know when they get a reply. I'm sure if any mistakes were made we can rectify them should the scenario occur again.

    You do have to be a member to post there but I've seen screenshots in this thread from there so someone is clearly an FCUM member ;)

    Sounds like your gripe is with the council and not our football club on that one, at least we are saving the taxpayer from having to pay to cut the grass.
    I'm not bothered if some angry people on an Internet forum don't change their mind. You're talking about my club so what's the harm in me joining in the subject matter?

    Was disappointed in city and the supporters when you sold to Shinawatra, there ought to of been protests on the scale of United with the Glazers, if not even more venomous, but there wasn't a wimper and now you're just like every other football club chasing the investment.
    Was your first paragraph supposed to be negative? Sounds about right aside from the fake part. Who on earth from FC United goes to Salford? Aside from NYD when we play them of course. Our clubs couldn't be any more different. Besides have you experienced the atmosphere at Salford City? There's no way any of our lot are in there you can hear a pin drop.

    Actually the membership card makes you an owner, you don't need to be a member to support the club, keep up.

    Football is about loyalty yes but not blind loyalty at whatever cost. My loyalty diminished when I had to make a choice about whether to put money into the pockets of a parasitic American businessman who wanted to use my money to pay off the debt he'd forced onto my club, fuck that! You have to draw the line somewhere otherwise you end up supporting war criminals, slave owners and torturers, whoops ;)

    You do realise our crowds are up on our pre Broadhurst Park attendances don't you? Nah didn't think so.
    I'm not sure you quite understand the mind of Ken Loach mate, unless you're not talking about the Ken Loach who can often be seen at FC United matches and events with nothing but glowing praise for the club? The same Ken Loach who invited our supporters to be extras in his Looking for Eric movie? We on about the same guy?

    Steve Evets who played the lead in Looking for Eric pops up quite frequently too.
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  8. Machiavelli


    1 Jan 2016
    Do you have a girlfriend yet?
  9. More drivel from NorthManc7.
  10. Mike N

    Mike N

    26 May 2004
    I used to work with a guy who was part of the group who set up the club. He followed the Rags all over but he wasn't particularly interested in football! You couldn't have a general football conversation with him as he had little knowledge of the game. Odd.

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