Federer v Tsonga

JoeMercersWay: Ah Big Ted, I had a wonderful debate on Bluemoon this evening, my argumentative skills were second to none.

Big Ted: (Silence).

JoeMercersWay: What's that Big Ted, I always win my debates on Bluemoon? Well, that's very kind of you to say I couldn't possibly blow my own trumpet. Oh well, if you insist I am a great debater.

Big Ted: (Silence).

JoMercersWay: What's that Big Ted? Did I have the last word? Yes, I had the last word, and that means I won the debate. Sleepy time Big Ted, same again tomorrow.
Ntini77 said:
Joe is simply saying Federer has won 16 slams because he was "lucky" to be playing in a weak era. Despite practically every former top tennis player saying he's one of, if not the best there has ever been. I guess he knows better.

Had Nadal been the same age as Federer how many slams would he have won though?
My guess would be about 6 or 7. Nadal for me is the greatest player the game has seen.
What a brilliant brilliant thread for the record I do believe federer is one of if not the greatest player ever!

As for you personal abuse JMW that was completely out if order and has made you look like a spoilt child, someone doesnt agree with your opinion or you don't get your own way so the toys come out of the pram big time. I don't really have a past on here so ill be interested in your angle of personal abuse towards me.
JoeMercer'sWay said:
gaudinho's stolen car said:
JoeMercer'sWay said:
He makes a cheap insult, I remind him to not throw stones in greenhouses, essentially, especially as his accusation is unfounded.

You, as per usual, are the same self-righteous and offensive hypocrite, ok for you to call me a **** but I can't speak the truth? deary me.

So yes, no reason. But then again, I won't stoop to your level of senseless abusive unfounded nonsense, my post is very moderate and reasonable compared to your blatant abuse.

"Internet warrior" has got to be the nicest thing anyone has ever called you in your life. I remember last time when you said I had women problems (straw clutching) so I replied that you had completely lost me. Your response was "I guess I win the argument then".

What a ****.
when have I said you have woman problems?

keep calling me a ****, just embarrasses you even further.

For the record, for saying what you said, I think you're a **** too.

An utter **** actually.
Blimey, all kicked off after i left the office yesterday then

cheers to those that stuck up for me but personal abuse doesn't bother me on here, i got an apology in my inbox so we'll leave it as that
JoeMercer'sWay said:
Markt85 said:
JoeMercer'sWay said:
it's true.

His grand slam wins:

Wimbledon-Philippoussis-03(says it all), Roddick-04(Limited, doesn't have the bottle either) & 05-(says it all that Roddick kept making finals), 06-Nadal(Nadal still developing but the signs were there) & 07(Nadal took him all the way, best Fed has played imho), Roddick-09(No way Roddick should have taken a supposed legend like Fed all the way like that),

Australia-Safin-04(says it all), Baghdatis-06(says it all again), Gonzalez-07(really Becker there), Murray-2010(Bottle job).

French-Soderling-09(Nadal injured, Soderling bottle job).

US-Hewitt-04(not the best by a distance), Agassi-05(fairytale, past his best), 06-Roddick(said it before), Djokovic-07(Novak developing, not the player he is now), Murray-08(bottle job apu).

Hardly a stellar cast of players there, just being decent but limited players and the top stars now when they were still young and developing, now they're growing to their peak he's getting beat regularly by at least one of them.

'' "For me, Roger is the greatest player ever to play the game. There is Roger, then Pete Sampras and Rod Laver."
Bjorn Borg -2010

'' We are witnessing history. This is the most dominant athlete on planet earth today.
Jim Courier, former world No.1 - 2007 ''

''What he’s done over the past five years has never, ever been done—and probably will never, ever happen again. Regardless if he won there or not, he goes down as the greatest ever. This just confirms it.''
Pete Sampras, winner of 14 Grand Slams - 2009

''His win today at the French Open, tying Pete Sampras’s record for major titles and the completion of a career grand slam firmly places him in a special place as the greatest player of all time. He has earned his place and he has proven he belongs. Roger is a champion for the ages. ''
Billie Jean King, winner of 39 Grand Slams - 2009

'' Roger Federer will undoubtedly become the greatest tennis player to have graced the sport if he wins the French Open. ''
Andre Agassi, the day before Federer winning 2009 French Open Final

''In my opinion he's the best player ever. When you play tennis, playing Federer is kind of a dream because you can see he does everything you would love to do on the court.''
Fabrice Santoro, played 20 of the 24 players to ever hold the No. 1 ranking

''Federer is the best player in history, no other player has ever had such quality.''
Rafael Nadal, after winning French Open 2006

''He was only the best when there was no good challenger, now he has players like Djoko and Nadal it's shown him up to be what he is, just a good player who got lucky by having a weak era''
Internet warrior - 2011


says he who had to have a DNA Test to see if his bird was actually having his kid seeing as she slept around so she didn't know.
You know, you've helped me out loads with a lot of different things over the past year or so, but that was just fucking wrong. If you were expecting laughs for that, you can try and hear them in this:

Markt85 said:
Blimey, all kicked off after i left the office yesterday then

cheers to those that stuck up for me but personal abuse doesn't bother me on here, i got an apology in my inbox so we'll leave it as that

Fair enough Mark, I think we can all clearly see who the bigger man is. Good for you mate.

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