Fixtures Calendar - 2021/22


23 Oct 2014
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Change Log
2021.07.21 - Cancelled pre-season friendlies removed
2021.07.15 - EFL Cup round dates adjusted
2021.07.14 - July pre-season games added
2021.07.05 - September TV picks announced

2021.06.21 - Times corrected for mid-week games
2021.06.19 - Live TV coverage in the UK info added
2021.06.18 - August TV picks announced

2021.06.17 - FA Cup round dates + Barca (A) changed
2021.06.16 - Additional int'l break (in Jan) added
2021.06.16 - Premier League 21/22 fixtures announced
2021.06.14 - Tentative Pre-Season games added
2021.06.08 - Calendar created with draft dates



23 Oct 2014
The Premier League 2021/22 Fixtures will be announced next week on Wednesday 16th June at 9AM UK Time.

For the upcoming season let's keep this one single thread for all fixture changes etc. whether it's the monthly update for TV picks or any other postponement. The competitions above are colour coded (with legend at the bottom of the calendar) so easy to spot which game is in which competition and any postponed games NOT shown within the calendar itself would be listed at the bottom (in their respective competition colour). For now I have put in approx. dates for various rounds of the competitions that we'll be involved in. These are draft dates for now and will move around as and when confirmed by the FA/UEFA etc. For any competition that we get out of early (which I hope is none), I will remove the future slots of that particular competition; while for the ones that we could reach the later stages of would remain in there to see possible dates etc.

The first post above (in this thread) will always have the most up-to-date calendar so the thread title won't announce a page no. on which any changes are, as they'd always be here. The title may change to say when the next set of TV Fixtures will be coming out or have been announced etc. and to reflect that there ARE changes etc. to look for but the changes themselves will only be in this first post above.

Whenever you visit this thread, head to the first page and it'll always have the most up-to-date Fixtures (bookmark
THIS LINK for convenience).

Not quite the seven competitions we all had hoped for competing in, but still we're alive in five ... C'mon City!


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22 May 2004
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I suspect we'll be away first purely because of the new pitch being bedded in.

Let's see who BT/Sky think we should play. For some reason I think we'll get the rags at home early doors.

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