Forum upgrade/downtime - Friday, 31st Jul 5am-10am (BST)


22 May 2004
I know this is something that we’ve touted for a while now, but for one reason or another (the main one being that it’s a huge amount of work) we’ve never got round to it.

Things have been a bit quieter for me on the job side of late (worryingly so, but that’s another matter) so I’ve been spending a fair bit of time on this. Was originally planning to implement it when the season ended, but this two week gap between Norwich and Madrid seems like a good opportunity to do it.

Unfortunately it will mean some considerable downtime (as much as a day if things go well, possibly longer). Not ideal I know, but it’s a necessity for both the future and the stability of the forum.

The current version of the forum software is fast becoming obsolete and it’s a fairly big upgrade. I know quite a few people are resistant to change from past experience, so have tried to keep the look and feel of the new forum broadly similar but invariably some things will be different. The old/existing style isn’t compatible with the new version of the forum software, and all of the existing add-ons (which provide various bits of functionality) will no longer work. I’ll look at re-adding these where possible but you’ll need to bear with us.

On the plus side, the site should run better, will look a bit more clean/modern and there will be new bits of functionality that we can hopefully add. Most importantly, it doesn’t mean we’re screwed when the current software becomes completely obsolete.

Will let you know when exactly this is going to happen, but aiming for the latter part of next week. May need some people to test it before going live, so drop me a PM if interested. Cheers.


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14 Jan 2010
Go for it!
I'm on lots of different forums and you will always get people who moan. But like you say, it has to be done at some point.
Promise me one thing, no scrolling banner adverts down each side of the threads.
I almost get seasick when i scroll down a bit and the ads scroll down a moment later to catch up.

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