Forum upgrade/downtime - Friday, 31st Jul 5am-10am (BST)

urban genie

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11 May 2008
Everytime I leave, I have to log in now when I come back on.

Sure it will be just temperary
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Eccles Blue

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27 Aug 2009
Eccles of course! Just Eccles!!
Ahh I came on early doors (having not seen your post saying between 6.00 am and 10.00) and it wasn’t right so I thought you were working on it from something I’d read last week.........came on now expecting all singing, all dancing and new signings galore.......instead the wonderful normal BlueMoon. Result, at least I’ve learnt to navigate this one. It could take me months to come to grips with a new one! :-) ;-) :-)

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